Poly ShieldThe Perennial Parrot

Polytechnic High School
San Francisco, CA
1883 - 1972

Newsletter Editors:
Art Lidstrom  S`57
Marilyn (Fetter) Lewis S`57
Web Master:
Robert "Bob" Ross  S`55
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its alumni, history and organizations, your recollections of living in and going to school in the "City" and anything to do with San Francisco past and present. Please include photos (identifying people and scene) whenever possible.

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Perennial Parrot VOL 18-01 July 2005 (Rise of POLY)
Perennial Parrot VOL 18-02 December 2005 (Fall of POLY)

Perennial Parrot VOL 33, #1, April 2020

Perennial Parrot VOL 33, #2, August 2020
Perennial Parrot VOL 33, #3, December 2020
Perennial Parrot VOL 34, #1, April 2021
Perennial Parrot VOL 34, #2, August 2021
Perennial Parrot VOL 34, #3, December 2021
Perennial Parrot VOL 35, #1, May 2022

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If you know any of those listed below please ask them to contact us at to update their Email address. They have been removed from the mailing list do to bad emails.
Gwendolyn Ridgeway - Class 67            Roger Schuelke - Class 47
Sylvia (Papen) Scherzer - Class 58         Michael Severin - Class 64
Robert Canihan - Class 1950s                Lowell Greshan - Class 65
William Featherstone - Class 1950s       Ricardo Aguila - Class 54
Carol (Decker) Brown  -Class 58           Asriah Heard - Class 62 
Fernando Marenco - Class 68                Pat Ruzura - Class 50s
Tillie (Yern) Ng - Class 52                      Ronnie Cook Sr. - Class 70
Donald McMillen - Class 59                    
Irene (Daniels) Lewis - Class 50s            Nicholas Melnik, Class 51

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... We appreciate all the Kudos for the newsletter, however, we are no longer the editor, we just post it to the website after receiving it from Art Lidstrom who is the current editor.