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Bob & CarolynPoly Shield
Polytechnic High School
San Francisco, CA
1883 - 1972

Art Lidstrom  S`57
Marilyn (Fetter) Lewis S`57
Web Master:
Robert "Bob" Ross  S`55

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Polytechnic Alumni Association Store

Hail Poly Web Site for Polytechnic High School

San Francisco Western Neighborhoods Project

HOODLINE: Inner Sunset/Upper Haight NEWS


Polytechnic Alumni Association

6th Annual Luncheon

(Please do not call venue for information.
Post your questions or concerns on the POLY Facebook page.)


Poly Entertainers:

Martha Wash (Spring `71)
Web Site: ..... Face Book

Ed Banta, AKA Eddie Neon (Class of `64)
Web Site: ..... FaceBook

George Hamilton (Fall `56)
 Web Site ..... Face Book

Red Shuttleworth, Poet (Spring `63)
Web Site
Face Book ..... Blog


Owned and/or Operated by Poly Grads:

Nancy (Shellhammer, Spring 55) Mobley
Savoury Destinations
Web Site
On Face Book search for "Savory Destinations"

Diane (Woolf) Devine
Original Watercolor Artist
Web Site .... Face Book

Doris (Costa, Fall `56) Colombo
Colombo's Delicatessen
Pacifica, CA ... 484 Manor Plaza
Web Site ..... Face Book

Ron Radigonda (Spring `64)
Radigonda Consulting LLC

Sports Marketing & Management Services

   Jeanette Photographic Art:
Visit Main viewing Gallery
St Petersburg, Russia Gallery

African American Museum/Library ... Oakland, CA
Rick Moss, Chief Curator

Pete Onstad (Spring `55) Artist
Pete Onstad on YouTube
Google Search "Painter Pete Onstad"

Laurel Anne (Turnbull, Fall `60) Hill ... AUTHOR
Laurel Anne Hill Web Site

Joy (Fletcher, Spring `59) Montgomery
Structural Integrity
Consulting for small businesses and startups ... connecting
people to people, processes to processes, and companies to their customers.
Reboot Camp
For returning Veterans ... Reconnecting them to Family,
Community, and Careers ... Making comfortable connections
and successful transitions so Veterans are not falling through the cracks.

Roy Bischoff (`54)
Food Service Purchasing Consultant


~~~~~ Polytechnic - History 101 ~~~~~

  Polytechnic High School/Parkview Commons Site Development History 1989 ....... "SHARING A COMMUNITY"
Polytechnic Athletic Luncheon 2013 Video
Our thanks to Laurel Anne (Turnbull) Hill, Class of F160, for this great video
NoeHill in San Francisco ... POLYTECHNIC 
The Origins of Polytechnic High School
The Rise & Fall of Polytechnic ... Part 1
The Rise & Fall of Polytechnic ... Part 2

Reader Response to "The Rise & Fall of Polytechnic"
1904/05 Polytechnic Catalogue of Courses
Polytechnic Class of 1906
Polytechnic High School Genealogy
Polytechnic High School Alumni Search


San Francisco High School Links:
   Galileo   Lincoln   Lowell   Mission (1)   Mission (2)
 Mission Bears Society   Riordan   Sacred Heart
St. Ignatius   Washington
San Francisco Genealogy Web Site ... SCHOOLS
Polytechnic Alumni Web Site
NOTE: You can have a FREE search membership that will give
you a list of names and allow you to email those on the list.
For any further information about an individual you MUST sign up
for a premium membership with a monthly fee.


Remembering the "Good Ole Days"

Remember Slow Food
KYA San Francisco Oldies Radio

San Francisco "Present" Day Touring
San Francisco Pictures (Face Book)
The Golden Gate Bridge (Face Book)
Building the Golden Gate Bridge (YouTube)
 San Francisco History (Face Book)
 Lost San Francisco (Facebook)
(You will need a Facebook account to see this one)
San Francisco Time Lime Events 1930 thru 1959
(At the bottom of this and following pages you will find
links for the years 1960 thru 1969, 1970 thru 1977,
and 1978 thru 1995)
Playland Video
A Photo Essay, 25 Composite Photos of the
The 50s ... Cars, Stuff and People
NoeHill in San Francisco ... Historic sites and POI's
San Francisco 1955 Travel Documentry
San Francisco Map/Photos ... 1850 - 2000
Golden Gate Park History ... Web Sites
The 1940s
VJ Day in Honolulu
Stroll Down Memory Lane
The Fifties and Sixties Web Site
Rewind the Fifties
50's & 60's Rock & Roll - You Tube
60's SLANG

The 60s Official Site
Flower Power - America in the 1960s
Culture of the 60's
History of Amusement in San Francisco
Playland at the Beach (Before our time)
The Cliff House Project

Automobile Brochures
The Radio


 We will be more than happy to place links for any Poly class reunion ... just email us the information. If you are a Poly graduate, own and/or operate a business, have a web site and would like a link to your site on this page just
drop us a email.
If you come across any web sites that might fit into the "Good Ole Days" or "Polytechnic-History 101" link sections send them to us for a look see. And if any of the above links stop working, PLEASE drop us an email so we can correct or remove the bad link ... THANKS

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