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Bob & CarolynPoly Shield
Polytechnic High School
San Francisco, CA
1883 - 1972

Art Lidstrom  S`57
Marilyn (Fetter) Lewis S`57
Web Master:
Robert "Bob" Ross  S`55

    Carolyn Bier  S`57                                                                                    Robert "Bob" Ross  S`55

Hello and welcome to our web site. We are the "STAFF" of The Perennial Parrot newsletter. The newsletter was started back in December of 1985 and until now was published for a small Poly alumni group called "Our Gang". Although we have been around computers since the early 80s, it was not until April 2008, that we took the plunge into the world of web sites and finally began placing our newsletter on the internet for all Polyites to see, read, and print out. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy reading these pages and that they will bring back wonderful memories of your years at Polytechnic High School.

Bob Ross ... Spring 1955
Carolyn (Bier) Ross ... Spring 1957

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San Benito, Texas   78586

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